Get committed to yourself

How committed are you?  To life, love and your goals?  There’s a difference between wanting something and being committed to getting or achieving it.  It’s easy to want something but we tend to give up on it if we hit an obstacle or it gets too hard or seems impossible.  If we are committed we’ll still show up for it, not matter what.

If we are committed, anything is possible, anything we’ve wanted is achievable.  There’s a joy, focus and we know where our energy is going and we know what we’re creating.

We don’t’ need to know how something is going to happen but if we’re committed to it, the answers will come.  We’ll see opportunities for things to happen.  The moment something gets hard isn’t an excuse to give up, it’s the catalyst for pushing forward.

Commitment needs tenacity, grit, determination and effort to show up.

When we know what our commitments are we know what is a strong “yes” or “no”. When opportunities come our way, if we’re committed, we can look at that opportunity and ask whether it services our bigger goal or vision.  If it doesn’t then it’s not a good idea at that moment. It makes decision making so much simpler.

Commitment gives direction and focus.  We can channel our thoughts and actions around that commitment.

The process of committing can give us a sense of joy of who we are becoming by committing to something.

One a scale of 0-10 we need to ask ourselves how committed are we to our dreams?  If we want to create more fun in our lives, lose weight, improve relationships, land that new job, then we need to be all in at a 10.  Anything less is only a want and likely never to happen if something hard gets in the way. Find that thing we want to commit to, it doesn’t have to be grand, we only need to like our decisions for wanting whatever it is we want.

I have spent this year committed to finding out more about myself, my wants and needs, and I have been committed to learning how to achieve that.  It’s still ongoing, but I feel that I’m getting more comfortable with it each day. 

I have in mind a commitment I want to make for the year ahead and I have already started to make notes on how to make that happen. It’s one thing and can be summed up in one word, but it’s multi-faceted and each element requires a different response, some of which I don’t have the answers to yet, but I am committed to investing my energy to make it happen.

What are you ready to commit to?


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