Upgrading your “I am” statements

Image by John Hain from Pixabay

When you go about trying to change things, you think about what actions you need to take, but action alone is not the secret to change. How often do you set intentions to change, do something different, only to find yourself undoing it all a few days later?  If you want to create change in your life you need to upgrade your identity, says podcast fave Tonya Leigh.

If you remain in the same person and don’t change your mindset, nothing will happen. If you want to have a better relationship with money or food or whatever, you need to become the person who is already great with money, food or whatever it is.  However, you tend to tell yourself you’ll be that person once you’ve created the result.  You need to become that person first in order to create lasting results.

The two most powerful words you’ll ever speak, according to TL, are “I am”.  That is TL’s secret to change.  To create change you have to upgrade your identity that is made up of a combination of “I am” statements.

I fyou have an identity of someone who struggles in a particular area, your “I am” statements are things like “I am fat”, “I am unloveable”, “I am insecure”, “I am not enough”.  If you keep telling yourself those things, you are proving yourself right over and over.  No amount of action will change that as you alsways come back to your identity.  Your brain will look for all the reasons to maintain the familiar.

If you want to create lasting change you need to e thinking about the person who has created the change you are seeking, and what is their identity and “I am” statements that created that identity.  Start practicing becoming that person ahead of time in order to create lasting results.

Its not an overnight transformation or a quick fix.  Chances are if things did change drastically overnight, it wouldn’t last because you’re not matching your identity with the results you want.

You can change your identity but it will take time.  You can begin to practice learning how to take care of your body, finances, relationships or whatever.  Your “I am” statements are so powerful, telling your brain this is what you want it to create for you.  You have to practice being the person you want to become now to create the results you want in the future.  Try not to speak into existence the things you don’t’ want to experience.

If we woke up saying “I am excited about this day”, rather than “I am dreading this day”, it will have a positive effect on you feel and determines what you do or don’t do.

Imagine what your future self would say, think how that person thinks, feels and shows up in the world.

Notice what your “I am” statements are.  Do they feel like freedom, inspirational, expansive and like love? Do they match the person you are becoming?  Or are you in a habit of saying “I am” to things you have evidence for now but when you think of your future self, you created something totally different?  What “I am” statements has your future self created and practiced.  Be deliberated and intentional with your “I am” statements.

I must admit to having a habit of saying “I am not enough”, “I am unlovable”, “I am rubbish”.  In fact I woke up this morning feeling like “I am unhappy”, and I’ve felt pretty miserable all morning.  As I’m writing this I am trying to shift my mindset to a more positive statement, but it’s really difficult.

What are you positive “I am” statements?


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