Who wants to join my Celebration Circle?

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

The more you celebrate life, the more it celebrates you back.  What do you want to celebrate?  There’s always something going well, going right, beautiful to focus on.

I’m back to listening to podcast fave Tonya Leigh who said that the cumulative effect of complaining and negativity in our lives can take us farther away from feeling good, better and joyful.  If you are accustomed to feeling negative it becomes familiar and the body craves familiar, so it becomes something that your body seeks out. 

We are driven to go further, faster, harder, all from a place of fear, then we add negativity, complaining and focussing on what is lacking and what’s going wrong.  If you want a better life you have to stop participating in those kinds of conversations, take responsibility for your energy and how you feel, and stop blaming the world for your state of being.  Stop talking to people about how much you hate your partner or your job, or the state of politics and all that’s wrong with the world, and ripping apart your own self-worth.

What good are you showing up as angry, or resentful, or hopeless, or sad?  “You don’t get to the top of the mountain by complaining about being in the valley.  You get there by celebrating where you are, learning from where you are and slowing making your way up”.  When things are hardest that’s when you need to celebrate the most.  We don’t see how magical and amazing some of the everyday things are.

We all want to feel better but we can’t if we’re constantly chasing and delaying joy until “one day when”.  When you’re living in a state of celebration you’re not needing that something to fulfil you, so when it happens its like the icing on the cake.  Don’t wait for that special occasionto use or wear something, or do something or go somewhere.  Do it now while you can enjoy it.  Look around you and notice something tha tis beautiful and celebrate it.

The idea of celebration circles is to gather your friends and instead of having a moan sesh, do nothing except celebrate.  Set a date and invite everyone you want to come with a clear intention to celebrate.  It could be anything from past, present or future.  In the past you may have complained about something but celebrate the fact that you learned from it, or look at it from a different perspective.  For the present its about waking up to this moment and looking at what you want to seek.  To celebrate the future, think of something you want in the future and pretend you already have it, as if it’s already happened, get into the feeling state of it as a done deal.  At the end of the event there’s a collective energy that impacts everyone and how they show up.

If you think you don’t have those type of friends to be able to do something like that, then the best way TL suggested to draw them to you is for you to celebrate your life right now, where you are.  Walk through life with that energy and you’ll start to attract other like minded folk.  Find online communities that focus of positivity and uplifting ideas.  Like attracts like.

You can start a celebration circle by yourself, or with just one other, there’s not need to force a whole group.  Create the time out to celebrate what’s going on right now, and what’s going well in your life.  Set the intention.

So, who’s with me?  Who wants to join my celebration circle?  What are you celebrating this week?


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