The horror of horoscopes

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I’m not one that believes in horoscopes.  They are usually very generalised and could be interpreted a multitude of ways that fit your current situation.  To some horoscopes and astrology is something that brings hope, or they want to know more about themselves that horoscopes might reveal.  Some are curious to know what their horoscope says about them and others use it for guidance in love and relationships or what their lucky numbers for the lottery should be.

There are some who hold fast the characteristics assigned to their zodiac sign, live and swear by it. As a Pisces my basic character traits are supposed to be:

  • Empathetic – feeling others’ pain even when they do not talk about it, will comfort and protect others;
  • Compassionate – need to spread joy and happiness, compassionate drawing from experience of kindness to everyone who comes in contact;
  • Dreamy – lives in a fantasy reals where everything is perfect, with an incredible imagination that allows for creativity and details complex fantasies;
  • Romantic – cares for partners, deep sense of loyalty, inherent compassion and need to comfort others.  Sweet gestures and romantic surprises as speciality;
  • Creative – boundless imagination and impressed by creative surprises;
  • Artistic – creative and expressive;
  • Emotional – sensitive nature can be volatile, mirrors others’ moods when they are upset or sad;
  • Affectionate – keeps in touch with family, friends and acquaintances regularly, loves to stay in contact with people and maintain the connection.  Sincerely wanting to know everyone in their circle is doing well;
  • Generous – often giving of their time, emotional space and support to anyone who needs it even when they don’t receive the same;
  • Caring – affectionate towards those they know, takes up social causes, deeply invested in making things better;
  • Gullible – choose only to see the good in others, ignoring warning signals, gets hurt by betrayal and misuse of their kindness;
  • Mysterious – can be cryptic, expounding complex thoughts and ideas that leave others’ puzzled;
  • Idealist – looks for people to be the best versions of themselves, saddened when there’s no way to change things;
  • Simplistic – loves simplicity, nature, finds pleasure in simplistic life;
  • Thinker – not given to shallow thoughts or urges, profound penchant for deep thinking;
  • Intuitive – trust their instincts and are rarely wrong, can sense something isn’t right and gets to the bottom of the problem, difficult to lie to;
  • Protective – fiercely protective of those close to them;
  • Quiet – can suddenly get calm and be difficult to read, distance develops when others less intuitive need things laid out for them clearly to understand;
  • Loyal – invests in everything and would never betray loved ones.  Stands up for others;
  • Feminine – epitome of grace, connected to womanly side, stylish;
  • Resilient – don’t be fooled into thinking they are vulnerable or weak because of their caring and empathetic nature.  Incredibly resilient, forgiving and unstoppable when they decide what they want.

I would agree with the emotional, generous, mysterious, idealist, simplistic, thinker, intuitive, protective, quiet, loyal and resilient descriptions.  Less so the others and some the down right total opposite.

I certainly don’t prescribe to the notion of reading mine every day/week.  In fact I can’t remember the last time I read mine.  I did however read one this week in The Lady magazine.  For Pisces it said:

Ruler Neptune is aligning with planets in your chart house of travel and mould-breaking experiences.  Inner restlessness is likely to recede as you take steps into new territory – just what you need to revive you.  This period is even more productive if you remember to attend to the mundane matters in a timely way”.

The innate sceptic in me says “what a load of tosh”, however given recent developments, some of could be reasonably accurate.  We are planning our holiday for next spring which is a delayed 50th birthday event for me but now more of a 25th wedding anniversary trip.  I am about to embark on a new role at work which will provide new experiences and interest, and would therefore cause me to be more productive as I’d be learning new things and doing things that interest me more.  I just need to ensure I don’t lose sight of the mundane must do things that can sometimes be forgotten when there’s a new shiny to look at.

Are you characteristic of your star sign?  What does your horoscope have in store for you? And do you believe it?


One thought on “The horror of horoscopes

  1. I don’t read mine either. Not 100% sure what all the traits are supposed to be, but yes I can be stubborn but also fiercely loyal (when earned) If anyone wants to let me know what the traits of Taureans are, I’ll let you know if any of them apply 😉


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