1 Thing your body deserves

Image by Anna Pham from Pixabay

I stepped on the scales this morning and was mildly disappointed at the number it presented back to me.  I shouldn’t have been.  I’d had a really lovely three course meal, with wine on Saturday, and a roast dinner on Sunday.  Of course, I was going to have put on a few pounds.  Sometimes, we can look at our bodies and think why is it such a mess?  This morning was one of those moments for me.

I’ve struggled with my weight for many years now, since having my daughter 24 years ago.  I’ve never lost that post baby bulge.  I’m not laying all the blame there, several other things all happened. I got married, settled down, stopped cycling to work, stopped regular exercising.  I did manage to lose nearly four stone about 8 years ago for step daughter #1’s wedding, but that all crept back on. I managed to lose a few pound every now and then and even half a stone, but because I like food and wine and I’m fundamentally lazy now, it doesn’t stay off for long.  With that in mind, why should I be punishing myself for the way my body looks and my weight, if I’m not really doing something about it? It’s doing the best it can under the circumstances and I enjoy relatively good health.

Life is too short to fight with our bodies.  It’s easy to lover your body when its doing what you think it should be, but the scales of doom, a slightly cosier fitting outfit or a new wobbly bit can sent us off into a self-loathing spin.

If we extend ourselves the same kind of love we do to our children, partner or pets, even when a few extra pounds find their way to the scales, even when we’re sick, or new laughter lines start to show, perhaps we’d start to listen to what our bodies need, nourish it with the best foods possible, be gentle and kind to the reflection we see in the mirror.  It’s doing the best it can.

I’m hoping that I’ll have several more years, if not decades ahead of me and I’m conscious of the physical demands that would place on my body as I age.  It is therefore my role to look after it as best I can, whilst not punishing myself and enjoying life.

The scales of doom may not have been my friend this morning, but my attitude is.  I’ve put my elasticated wasted trousers on and my lunch bag is full of all sorts of yummy treats: blueberries, plums, grapefruit, fat free Greek yoghurt, apple and I’m trying a fresh fig for the first time.  I’m balancing that out with my diet friendly Biscoff pancakes for breakfast and a homemade chicken, rice and vegetable salad for lunch.   I’m hoping that will keep me away from the shops and temptation of chocolate, cake or biscuits.

I’m in a good motivated place today.  Let’s see how long that lasts.


One thought on “1 Thing your body deserves

  1. Good for you. I’m hoping your positive mood rubs off on me. I sometimes wonder if its genetic, our predisposition to enjoying our food? 🤔 We try to eat healthily but we just like food, ha 😏 I struggle the same as you and often imagine that it shouldn’t matter what size I am or how I look to others, as long as I have some balance, but then there’s the niggling social expectations off what healthy should look like. Maybe it goes back to being kind to yourself as you would to others. PS, your pack up sounds amazing, enjoy 😋


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