Awesome autumn

Toffee apple vodka

My favourite time of year. Autumn. I love the turning of the colours on the leaves, I  love the drawing in of the evening and the sunrises and sunsets. I love wrapping up, drinking hot chocolate. I love the wind provided I’m wrapped up and its not causing damage.

According to temperature and light levels affect which season someone loves most, as does the time of year they were born. It suggested that those born in spring and summer months are more likely to have positive temperaments and be prone to rapid mood swings, whilst those like me, born in autumn and winter months are less likely to be irritable. Not sure if agree with that. I get easily irritable.

Whilst some consider spring as a time of renewal, the vibrant autumn colours appeal to constant desire for change, reflection and plans for the year to come. I can definitely relate to that. I am more engaged through change. I cannot abide the repetitiveness of doing the same job or task all day every day.

Nick Perivale suggested that those with an autumn personality are earthy, warm, organic, rustic and passionate, with a strong connection to mature, a love of past and a yearning to understand how nd why things work. She suggested that autumnal are born organisers and pay attention to detail. With the exception of “warm” I wholeheartedly agree with that assessment.

All three of us recently attended the Hampton Court Palace Food & Drink Festival where I purchased a bottle of toffee vodka, but also a bottle of toffee apple vodka. And oh my goodness, its autumn in a glass. Smooth, warming, subtle.

What season do you resonate with most and why?


One thought on “Awesome autumn

  1. I can totally appreciate all the points you like about autumn. I also like the changing colours of the trees and wrapping up for walks etc. But I also like spring when everything is growing and becoming green. You can feel warmth growing but it’s not too hot and there’s a feeling of promise


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