3 ways to pay attention to daily details

Most people rush though the details of every day without giving them a second thought, leaving them feeling stress, overwhelmed and unfulfilled.  When you pay attention to three areas every day makes everything work so much better, in relationships, work, heath, happiness, makes you a better person.  So says, my current podcast fave Tonya Leigh.

TL suggested that most people who reach older age don’t focus on celebrating what they’ve wasted time on.  There is work to do, commitments to honour and bills to pay, and most of our obsession is on things way outside of our intimate circle of daily life.  Take care of the details of intimate life before engaging on wasteful activates.

Five year and long term plans have their place but they are off in the distance and we often forget the best things in life are happening right in front of us, right here, right now.  Consider what’s really important in how our daily lives look and fell. Take care of daily life before chasing after some goal that doesn’t give you anything other than ticking something off a to-do list.

TL suggested bringing your attention back to the details of daily life and showing up for the fundamental areas of your life:

  1. Home – This is where memories are created, where you wake up each morning and where you are held in times of need.  It deserves some TLC even if it’s not your ideal home at the present time.  Make it meaningful and luxurious.  After all, at the end of a bad day at the office, a broken heart or when you are sick, this is the place that holds you.  Treat it with respect.  If it’s messy it’s a fair indication that your mind is probably chaotic.  If it’s tidy, your mind is probably at peace.  Make it a place to love and enjoy.
  2. What you eat – Take time to pause and eat good, nutritious food. Make time to find good, fresh food and cook it.  This will support your body and how you show up in the world.
  3. What you wear – How often do you just grab for the first thing in the wardrobe.  Choose your clothes for the day ahead intentionally. Style is your self-expression, telling the world who you are without saying a word.  What does your wardrobe say about you?  Express yourself with intention and daily respect.

Paying attention to the daily details leads to a life well lived.  Taking care of these three areas are more likely to attract the bigger things in life.  They impact the quality of your life.  This is an ongoing process though, so don’t beat yourself up if you are not achieving this all the time. It’s not about perfections, but awareness.

For me, the biggest issue I currently have is home.  As I’ve mentioned before it’s full of stuff.  Every surface has papers, books, files, magazines and much more on.  If I ask C where something is, he can tell me immediately, but our home is cluttered and messy (not dirty though).  I have to navigate round piles of things on the floor, most of which is his or #bellringing stuff waiting to be sorted.  There is very little surface space, or indeed floor space, even in our bedroom.  It’s almost too much to tackle and because most of it isn’t mine, I can’t sort through it.  I do try from time to time to go through my own stuff, and I’m usually quite ruthless about throwing things out. 

Eating is getting better for me now as I’m actually eating more fruit.  I have at least three portions most days.  I have even chosen a lighter, healthier meal when we were last out at a restaurant.  I am much more confident about eating what it good for me, and we have always cooked from fresh.

I recently gave my wardrobe a makeover, and have a quarterly delivery from Lookerio where I get sent five items to choose from that a stylist has picked out for me. I have also spent rather a lot recently on new clothes.  I’ve been bagging up some of my old stuff I no longer wish to wear ready to pass on.  There’s not much wrong with the items I’m bagging up, they just don’t reflect my current outlook on life. 

Which of these areas is begging for your attention?


One thought on “3 ways to pay attention to daily details

  1. I’ve just gone back to Slimming World so the food bit is covered. The style/wardrobe bit is tricky until SW has kicked in. And the home thing is a struggle for us at the moment. So maybe there are areas of all three that I need to monitor 🤔


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