Should’ve, could’ve would’ve, did

Saturday I should have been in Staplehurst competing in the Essex Trophy 10 bell striking competition. Sadly our team had to withdraw so I had one of those days that was all wrong because the plans had changed.

It did mean I could have a bit more of a lay in and leisurely bacon buttie for breakfast. No complaints there.

I had decided to make a Biscoff cheesecake for Sunday lunch so while C was getting ready, started to prepare. I hadn’t realised that the recipe was actually for a baked cheesecake. Not that that’s an issue, cheesecake is cheesecake and acceptable in any form, but I’d never made a baked one before.

I’ve seen so many times on GBBO how baked cheesecakes split because they’re cooled down too quickly so decided to leave it in the oven, but turn the heat off, whilst we popped into town.

I bought myself some flowers (no one gonna buy them for me) and would’ve purchased a load of fruit from the High Street Market stall. Only it wasn’t there. We ended going back up to the old market and got some from there but it didn’t look as nice.

Once home, I removed the cheesecake from the oven and was rather impressed it hadn’t sunk or cracked. Yay, me!! It needed covering in melted Biscoff spread and sprinkled with more Biscoff biscuits. Did look rather delish even if I do say so myself.

I could and probably should have then spent the rest of the day dealing with reports, emails and actions but I was far from in the right mood, feeling rather annoyed by something and nothing. So I sat reading a book, drinking peppermint tea instead. That did of course mean cramming more things into Sunday but nothing like a bit of pressure to get motivated.

I needed to be nice to myself on Saturday so revelled in self indulgence.


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