Slow down to a saunter

Image by Robert Oertel from Pixabay

There’s always somewhere to be, something to do, someone to run around after.

As we head into a Bank Holiday weekend there’s opportunity for most of us to slow down, to read a book, cook a meal, go for a stroll. Slowing down, taking time to rest requires planning in our house, to create time for taking care of yourself, or space for creativity and inspiration.  We have made some plans, some other things have taken over and imposed themselves on our time but there is a bit of time left for relaxation and recuperation.

Friday will be #bellringing based with both virtual (twice) and real ringing.  Saturday I should be at a Central Council meeting but an opportunity arose to spend some time with R, and that trumps everything; we’re going to the Food & Drink Festival at Hampton Court Palace.  That should be so much fun. Sunday is a return to all things ringing with the real thing in the morning and meetings in the afternoon/evening, with a bit of housework in between.

Bank Holiday Monday is the only day we don’t have anything specific planned.  #bellringing practice has been cancelled as people generally like to have the freedom to go out or see family.  I have designated this “go slow day”, the day put aside for reading, cooking and generally only doing things I want to do rather than have to do. 

One way Tonya Leigh, my current indulgence podcast, suggests to help us slow down is to consider the following:

  1. Write down all your obligations, cooking, cleaning, work, laundry, activities, everything
  2. Go through each item on the list and ask if it is necessary.  Would the world end if it didn’t happen today?
  3. Imagine not doing each item on the list and notice how your body responds.  Do you relax?  Do you feel lighter?

Sometimes, I might feel more stressed at the thought of things building up. They’ve got to be done at some point and is it better to get it done and out of the way, freeing up time afterwards, or to put it off now, enjoy the free time now knowing that you’ll have to do it later anyway. Is is a false sense of security?

What do you do to help you slow down?


One thought on “Slow down to a saunter

  1. I’m very much on the side of getting all the chores done quicker and sooner so I can enjoy my spare time. I don’t think I’d enjoy my free time as much if I knew there were tasks I hadn’t completed
    Enjoy your time with R 🤗

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