Only on the right side

I have noticed something happening in recent months which only happens when I lay back and turn my head to the right.

When I lay on my back and turn my head to the right after a little while, but whilst still awake, I make involuntary sounds like puffing air out, pffft, or slight snorting or sometimes a high pitched whistling sound. I don’t feel it coming on, it varies between noises, and I can’t stop it. I am fully aware of when it happens. It doesn’t happen when I turn my head to the left, or if I lay on my side or front.

Its only started happening recently and I have no idea what is causing it or how to stop it.

According to sleeping on your back pulls the tissues around your airways downwards, making the airways narrower, resulting in snoring. Those with obstructive sleep apnea tend to have blocked airways that slow down or stop breathing altogether and snorting or choking is the body’s way of waking you up.

My issue is that I do it when I’m awake rather than asleep, and only on one side. I am not aware that I have a cold or sinus problems or any other contributing factor like a dodgy thyroid.

C does accuse me of snoring sometimes, usually when I’ve fallen asleep on the sofa. He’s one to talk. I’ve not been able to hear the TV over his snoring sometimes. It also doesn’t matter to him if he’s laying on his front, back or side. Nudging him to turn over has zero effect.

I might take a bit more notice of other symptoms next time it happens just to see if its when I have a cough or cold or sinus troubles, or generally more tired or anything else.

I have sometimes deliberately laid back and turned my head to the right in order to induce the involuntarily sounds, with some success.

What funny noises do you make?


One thought on “Only on the right side

  1. Wow, that’s random. Never heard anything like that. 😮Not aware that I make any involuntary noises, might ask Mr 🤔


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