Making every day active

How do you take pleasure in everyday activities?  I’m not one for exercising, I just don’t enjoy it.  I know I should do more but there’s already enough going on in life, I’m not sure where I’d fit it in.

I do try to go for a walk at lunchtimes at work to get some movement in but we have become so used to getting in a car to go even just a few miles.

I know that my place of work is 4.4 miles from home in the car.  If I was on holiday, or visiting R, we would walk that far and back no problem.  I guess the difference being not needing to hurry.  I wonder though how long it would take me to walk to work.  One day I might try it.  Of course that would entail needing to start off super early to get to work for 07:30, and then not getting home until nearly 19:00.  That might be ok during summer days when it’s still light, but not so pleasant during the dark, driving rain of winter.

We don’t tend to go for a stroll after dinner, or when we’re at home unless we need to go into town for anything.  We tend to just sit on the sofa and watch tv, or go ringing, or join Zoom calls, or fall asleep.

Ringing is a good way to move your body.  We do generally walk in on a Sunday morning, unless we’re running a bit late.  Then there are the 53 steps up to the ringing room, the ringing itself, then the walk home again. I always take the stairs at work, a habit from when we built the new hospital wing and the lifts weren’t operational, and we have two sets of stairs at home.

I used to cycle a lot but now don’t have a bike, and there’s nowhere truly secure to leave it at work, there’s been a spate of thefts recently.

I do want to try more yoga or Pilates but again it’s about fitting it in.  When I get home C has dinner ready and I don’t feel like exercising on a full stomach, or we rush off out somewhere (usually for ringing). I was hula hooping for a while but again, as dinner is ready as soon as I get home, I don’t get time to do any before food.

I need to get out of the negative exercise association and try to convince myself that I am a woman on the move, that deserves movement and that I can create a fit and healthy body.  I don’t want to get old(er) and struggle to move.  I want to keep my muscles and joints free.

What are some fund ways to move your body every day?

What is your inspiring mantra for moving your body?

Do you have some savvy secrets that keep you fit?


One thought on “Making every day active

  1. Not sure I have the answers for you, considering your work and home life. I’ve always heard that you should do whatever exercise thrills you. If you don’t enjoy it and don’t look forward to it, you’ll never maintain it. I always have to feel accountable. I joined the walk1000miles challenge to ensure I walk at least 2.74 miles every day to complete 1000 miles within a year. I also have to join exercise classes that I have paid for and have to attend at a certain time as I don’t have the discipline to exercise properly at home. If I’ve paid for it or someone is expecting me at a certain time, I will show up for it no matter what else is going on in life or how I feel. Years ago the amount of housework and other chores people did could have been classed as exercise. We now live in a sedentary world where there is every device to make those chores easier. I hope you find what thrills you soon, as I agree we need to keep moving. Good luck 👍


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