How to add enchantment to every day

Image by Megan Krause from Pixabay

Wonder is the beginning of wisdom” – Socrates

If we choose to be fascinated in what is going on around us it can help turn something that we may feel trapped by into something more wonderful.  So says my podcast mate Tonya Leigh (yes, I know I’m banging on about her a lot these days but I’m catching up on about 5 years of podcasts).

She also offered a few other suggestions to find the enchantment in everyday:

  1. Place fresh flowers around the house.  They add beauty and are alluring as well as being able to lift your mood and shift your energy.
  2. Find the perfect colour lipstick.  As someone who doesn’t wear make-up, this sounds frightening.  I have a pinkish colour lip balm but that’s about it.
  3. Take a walk in the woods, get out in nature and wonder at the trees and flowers and how they provide us with cleaner air.
  4. Burn a decadent scented candle.  I usually have the same scented candle all year round, Angels Wings from Yankee Candle, and at Christmas I get the Christmas Cookie one just to mix things up a bit.  At a recent shop at Costco, I found a pack of three scented candles – one is Dark Pomegranate, one is Vanilla Bean and the other is Cassis and Fresh Fig.  They may not be the Japanese Quince that TL refers to, but they smell quite nice.
  5. Look at everything with wonder and awe.  Think about how or what processes something had to go through to get to you, like a bottle of fine wine.
  6. Dress up with a little flair.  Put thought into how you show up.  This is ok but you have to constantly keep an eye on the weather in the UK.  You might think you have your outfits sorted out for the week ahead, but the weather is so changeable you’ll need to be flexible.
  7. Have an afternoon tea ritual.  Slow down and relax whilst breathing in the aroma of a herbal tea.  To me the phrase “afternoon tea” also requires there to be cake.  Maybe that’s ok too.
  8. Stargaze and make a wish, contemplate the bigger things in life whilst staring out to the universe.
  9. Mesmerise with melodies. Choose music that lifts your spirit and energises your mood.
  10. Host a dream party.  Instead of talking about everyone’s woes and worries, indulge in discussing dreams and desires.

Enchantment is not what you do but how you do it – seeing the beauty and mystery in everyday life. How will you be enchanted today?


One thought on “How to add enchantment to every day

  1. Very good idea to try and cultivate. I try to look at nature a lot when I’m out walking. I try to take in a wonderful view or even the striking colour of a flower or a raindrop hanging off a leaf. I guess some call that a form of mindfulness 🤔😌

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