What’s on your summer reading list?

I read quite a lot, although unless its non-fiction for self improvement or role related, I tend to stick within the same genre of historical fiction. Most particularly Tudor related. The trouble with having such a niche category is I have read most of what is available.

I am just finishing up Alison Weir’s sixth part of Henry VIII wives, Katherine Parr. I have even read her short ebooks that accompany the series.

Next in line in that genre are two books from Nicola Cornick, an author I’ve not read before but taking a punt based on a podcast recommendation.

After that I fancy something different. Something that will make me laugh out loud and feel good. Listening to a couple of podcasts recently has provided some inspiration.

First off was Women of a Certain Rage by George Hall. Amazon reviews say it is “fierce, brilliant, honest and very funny”. A story about a wife who wants to shake up her life after years in a dull marriage and being written off at the age of 50. Unfortunately none of our local books stores have it so I’ve downloaded.

I’d much prefer downloading anyway but I have a ridiculous amount of book vouchers that can’t be used on line so I have to spend them in the shop. That means having to buy physical books that I don’t really want laying around the house, just to use them up.

Anyway, the second recommendation was by Ruby Wax “And Now for the Good News”. An uplifting read about the modern world and finding the positivity amongst the mayhem.

And third on the list was “More Than a Woman” by Caitlin Moran. Billed as a hysterical memoire of a middle aged woman, a manifesto for change and celebration of middle aged women trying to juggle work, home, teenage kids, aging parents and everything in between.

I sincerely hope these books live up to their hype. Let me know if you’ve read them and whether they did or not.


One thought on “What’s on your summer reading list?

  1. I have a physical copy of a Ruby Wax book but not the one you mention. I find I don’t make enough time to read. I tend to use my e-reader when I can’t sleep at night, or read hard copy books when I’m on holidays which obviously hasn’t happened for a year or two! Let us know if your books provide the entertainment that you hope 📚📖


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