Focus on what’s important, right here, right now

Image by Juraj Varga from Pixabay

I am conscious that I have lost focus on a number of topics recently.  I have not been on the ball with #bellringing activities, and some elements of work life have drifted a bit. I have been somewhat overwhelmed with other thoughts about an upcoming task that requires my full commitment, hence taking two days off work for it, and the importance of getting it right.

What is this task that has you so perplexed you ask? My brother’s wedding cake.  I have made plenty of cakes before, I have made multiple tiered cakes before, and I have (even if I do say so myself) done quite a decent job of them.  But there is something about this one that has me anxious. 

I expect its just because it’s a three-tiered wedding cake, so it has to be perfect.  I have been given a brief to follow, whereas other cakes I’ve made have generally been of my own design and choosing, mostly because the recipient doesn’t know they’re getting it so anything goes really.  This time it has to be specific. 

I am perfectly prepared, in fact have already done the non-edible elements ahead of time.  I have two days off work to create the cakes and cover.  They don’t require any additional embellishment so a straightforward enough job.  I just want it to be perfect for my brother and his wife.

There has also been anticipation of the arrival of a new member of the family.  One has become a step-grandparent! I shall be known by my name rather than Granny or Nanna or whatever, the child has enough of those already.  Baby has now arrived and hopefully we will get to see baby, mummy and daddy soon enough.  I am sure there are others rushing up immediately, but we’d prefer to give them a chance to get used to the idea, get home and settled before we pounce.

So, once this next week or two is out of the way, I shall need to refocus of #bellrinigng activities.  There is lots coming up that needs attention and support and I have to remember that not everyone is having the same stuff going on as I do so their timelines and mine might be different.  All I can say is that I’ll do what I can over the next couple of weeks and then I’ll be on it like a hot potato again. 

For now, I am focussing on what is important in my world which means that something in your world might not get as much attention from me as it ought.

In the meantime, please bear with.


One thought on “Focus on what’s important, right here, right now

  1. Fair enough. Everyone is entitled to take time to do what’s important to them. And I am not judging anyone who needs time to concentrate on what’s important to them right now. Do what you’ve got to do. But it works both ways. Some folk these days seem to be so full of what is happening in their own world that they aren’t conscious of others feelings or situations. I feel as if everyone is making a big thing of their own crisis like its a competition. Just my observations lately


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