Bad things happen in threes… while good things come in fours

There’s a saying that things happen in threes and that rang true for me this week.  First, one of my Pandora bracelets broke, then one of my sandals broke (it just about hung on long enough to get home from work), then my smartwatch gave up the ghost.  All three things were intensely annoying.

And yes, I am fully aware this sounds incredibly privileged and materialistic.

So, three things went wrong in one week.  In my head I was pleased that that should be an end to it.  No more things going wrong please and thank you.

On the flip side however, because of some of those things and others that I’d put in motion anyway, on Friday, all good things happened.

C had made a temporary fix for my bracelet, but the new strap he’d ordered arrived and before I knew it he’d replaced it.

After C had tried to find out what was wrong with my smartwatch he conceded that it was dead and needed replacing so I ordered a new one on Wednesday and it arrived Friday lunchtime.

You may remember a blog from a few days ago when I’d ordered some vases and the order had been completely stuffed up and it had taken two weeks to get anything done about it.  The correct order arrived Friday lunchtime.  I had kind of forgotten they were coming so that was an added bonus, plus I get to keep the ones they sent in error.

Also arrived on Friday lunchtime (it was like Piccadilly Circus at our front door) was my latest Lookeiro order of clothes hand picked by my personal shopper, Bella. All five items were brilliant and probably things that I wouldn’t pick for myself, but when I tried them on they all looked fab.  The personal note that accompanied it was really lovely too.  Bella had noted the comments I’d made about the style of jeans that she’d sent last time and sent a matching style in a different colour and had looked at my profile pictures and seen me wearing a wrap dress and said it suited me, so sent a short version. 

I had previously commented on an item that they were showcasing on their social media, saying that I liked it, but Bella’s message said she had been unable to find a suitable one this time round but would continue to look. This is my second delivery from them and so far, I am impressed with what they have sent.

So, the week started off rather annoying, but ended on a high with it being almost like Christmas.


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