Two questions to ask yourself to make you proud

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I am trying to catch up on some long overdue queued podcasts and the one I’m enjoying at the moment is a lifestyle commentary.  It’s quite interesting from the perspective of the narrator, who lives in the US, somewhere idyllic by the sounds of it, and lives a very different life to me.  I’m not pretending I want to emulate her lifestyle, but she does say some things that get you thinking about your perspective and how you treat yourself.

In the latest episode I listened to, which I think was actually recorded in January 2015 (I have to listen to podcasts from the very beginning and this is a new one on my list so I’m still early doors) the narrator offered two questions that you should ask yourself that would make you proud in the year ahead.

1) what will I no longer accept from myself and others this year?

2) what high standards will I create for myself?

The hypotheses offered suggested that you would receive what you are willing to accept.  If you accept someone’s poor behaviour towards you that is what you will continue to receive.  If you accept poor health due to poor diet then you will continue to have poor health due to diet.  If you accept poor quality or standards that is what you will receive. These things are within your grasp to change.

Setting high standards for yourself is about self-care, professional life, living a beautiful, elegant, fulfilled life.  This isn’t about spending lots of money to have lots of material things but could be simple ideas like not allowing yourself to be spoken to or treated in certain ways, or educating yourself so that you can do well in your professional life, or simply going for a walk in nature, enjoying the simple, free things in life that give you joy. 

The narrator is clear to point out it is important not to beat yourself up when you don’t meet your own high standards, and acknowledge that every now and then, you will be unable to meet them whether through health, environment and other things that sometimes get in the way and by necessity take priority.

I spent a bit of time considering how to answer those two questions:

1) I will no longer accept my opinion is any less valid than anyone else’s and if I have something to say, I will say it.

2) I will no longer accept I must be at the beck and call of others during my own time.  I will answer emails or phone calls when I’m ready.

3) I will no longer accept feeling guilty when I buy something expensive, for myself, using my own money.

4) I will buy quality things, which may be more expensive, but they will last longer.

5) I will endeavour to buy ethically.

6) I will glam up my style a bit so I can feel more elegant for no one else’s benefit except my own.

7) I will invest time and effort in my own wellbeing.

8) I will stop complaining or speaking negatively.

9) I will have fresh flowers in the house more often.

10) I will bake more frequently.

11) I will wear skirts and dresses more often.

12) I will speak more softly and not swear.

It’s a small start and I shall undoubtedly fail at some point, but everything has to start somewhere.


One thought on “Two questions to ask yourself to make you proud

  1. Good luck in your endeavours. Life is too short to not enjoy the one you have. As long as you’re not hurting anyone, do what makes you happy if you can 😊


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