Bossing the meal prep

To save time, money, and temptation, I often spend Sunday afternoons prepping breakfasts and lunches for the week ahead. In order to achieve that I have to decide what I’m going to make by the Wednesday so C can buy any ingredients when he does the food shop on Thursday. The only things left to purchase from the farmers market on the Saturday is any fresh fruit that I’m trying to introduce to my diet.

I’m still experimenting with fruit as to what I like, what I’ll eat if necessary and what is seasonal. I’ve eaten strawberries for the last several weeks and these were locally sourced and small, sweet and juicy. I seem to be liking red/black grapes but haven’t tried green ones yet.

One day last week I decided to augment my breakfast pancakes with some raspberries and blueberries. I’m glad I had the pancakes to wash them down with.

However, I’m going all out this week. I looked up what the best fruits were to help with weight loss and was told that grapefruit was top of the list, followed by berries of different kinds. C can’t have grapefruit anymore but I can. I decided to go all out and buy two, the idea being to have half a grapefruit each morning.

For snacking I’ve gone with a selection of raspberries, blueberries and black grapes. I still have a couple of nectarines from last week that were passable too. And there always an apple if necessary.

From being someone who categorically did not like fruit of any kind at all I’m now converted and choosing fruit over cakes and biscuits. I’m still getting used to some of them but persevering.

So, for the week ahead I’ve made the usual Biscoff pancakes which can be reheated at work. I’ll have half a grapefruit to go with it.

For lunch this week I’ve opted for a tuna and green bean nicoise salad. But that’s fish and I don’t do fish either. I’m really making myself do this so that I can have more healthier options and hopefully lose a bit if weight into the bargain. I’ll have the berries and grapes for snacking on later in the day to tide me over until dinner time when C would have made a lovely slimming world friendly dinner.

Of course there’s always a chance that we’ll ruin it in the evening with the addition of chocolate biscuits but you’ve got have a treat now and then, right?

Looking at and smelling all these lovely things is so much easier in the summer when you only want to eat light anyway. I wonder what it will be like come the winter when the fruit season changes and I want to fill up on comfort stodge.


One thought on “Bossing the meal prep

  1. Ha, ha. Can relate to this. We all know berries and fruits and salads are good for us. The warm weather makes it a little easier, making us want to eat lighter. But why do they make sweets and cakes and biscuits so tasty and convenient to eat instead? They also require so much less preparation over a hot stove?? 🤣🤣


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