Do you schedule days off work to do other work?

Image by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay

I am incredibly fortunate with the amount of annual leave I can take from my employer. Having been an employee for over 20 years I have racked up the maximum number of days off, plus as an office worker, I get Bank Holidays off too.  Sometimes this feels like too many days to try and fit in throughout the year.  This is particularly increased given that I do a four day condensed week.  I get the same level of annual leave and Bank Holiday leave, but I also don’t work on a Friday, so that’s like an extra day.  Worse problems to have, right?

I do find that I usually book days off when I have other things to do, like #bellringing meetings and events, baking for commissions, or as a way to catch up with other chores or must dos.  The majority of my 33 days leave is taken up for these reasons. 

Then there’s the guilty feeling of taking time off to do… nothing!  How is that even possible?  I look around the house thinking about all the things that I should do or could do now I have some time, but usually feel unmotivated to actually do any of it. 

Conversely it’s quite difficult to completely switch off  and disconnect from everything as emails and messages still ping though on the phone.  It’s a discipline that I’m not always successful at.

We have not had a holiday since summer 2019, like so many others, and my 50th birthday plans earlier this year were put on hold.  Again, we’re missing out on our usually summer holiday this year.  I have booked a week off in September though and we feel a bit more comfortable in booking something to go away for the week.

C has actually booked a hotel for the week and already I’m looking forward to getting away.  I don’t usually bother to look into the area we go to and leave it until we get there, but I’ve had a quick look at what there is in the area to visit and see, and thinking about what else we can do. 

We usually book a cottage and do self-catering, but C has booked a hotel for a change.  This means that we’ll have to eat out every evening. Oh dear, how sad!  It also means that we won’t be restricted so much by timescales and can stay out longer than we might have done if we had to get back to cook our own dinner. 

Of course there are many benefits to taking some time off including reducing stress levels, although sometimes the getting there and back can be stressful, improved mental health and motivations, greater wellbeing therefore decreased burnout, and happiness boosted by spending time with loved ones. 

I am ready for a holiday, to go somewhere else for a few days and explore, to turn the phones and emails off (except for emergencies).  We will probably still be taking precautions and using masks in public places etc, but look forward to a bit more freedom.


One thought on “Do you schedule days off work to do other work?

  1. You’re right, so many people have not taken any kind of holiday for a couple of years nearly, so it is exciting that you have made some plans. I hope you thoroughly enjoy being spoilt in a hotel and are taken care of in a safe environment.
    We have been having the odd day out here and there but still haven’t planned any holiday. Difficult to have any confidence that the situation won’t change again and we’d have to cancel at a moments notice. Plus, with other things going on we’re quite happy with our odd day out and maybe looking forward to hosting visitors soon. That’s going to be like a holiday for us after all this time 😉


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