Only mad dogs and English men…

Us Brits are never satisfied about the weather. Its either too wet, too cold or too hot. The trouble is with our weather is that it lurches from one to the other without much “reasonable” weather in between. I guess that’s global warming.

This week started off quite chilly and overcast. Its the middle of July and supposed to be summer. It even drizzled with rain early on.

The days that were forecast to be warm and sunny had an overture of chill and cloud, so not entirely as we had been lead to believe.

The forecast for the weekend was very hot and sunny with temperatures expected in the late 20’s. On Saturday morning it was clocking up 25 degrees in our back garden in the shade.

Only mad dogs and English men go out in the midday sun.

We had a virtual meeting from 11am to 1pm so that got us past midday. However we needed to pop into town briefly so went out about 1.30pm. Still at the peak of heat. We didn’t hang around long.

Later in the afternoon we headed back into town as we had booked tickets for the cinema. How lovely to be sitting in an air conditioned screen in the dark and cool. It hit us as we walked out.

In hot weather its really difficult to decide what to eat. Everything seems to be too hot to bother. I’m not a massive salad fan so that’s not really tempting. C had prepped dinner before we went to the cinema but by the time we got back home he was suggesting that we didn’t really want all the extras did we?

It didn’t take much to be persuaded to have a bottle of nicely chilled wine to go with our meal either.

The fan in the bedroom was fully employed overnight too.


One thought on “Only mad dogs and English men…

  1. Yup, too hot for us too. Never satisfied are we? We find shady places to walk, damp cloth on pulse points and eating ice cream or ice lollies helps but cooking a meal is a real chore 😒


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