National disaster averted

An email arrived a few days ago to advise that my green BakedIn box was on its way and what fresh ingredients would be required to supplement the contents of the box.  I was ever hopeful that the box would arrive on Friday and C even bought the fresh ingredients when he did the food shop the day before.

I saw a notification on their social media that people were reporting having issues with the seals on the boxes coming open in the post and some of the contents missing.  The postman knocked on the door and left the package by the front door.  The green box was wrapped in a Post Office bag apologising for the state in which the box had arrived.

I opened the box and it seemed that all the bags of dry ingredients were accounted for, there are usually about five or six bags so I guessed that the six bags present were all present and correct. I messaged the lovely people at BakedIn and they emailed me the recipe card so I could at least do the bake.  Turns out it was Sticky Toffee Cookies.  I figured it was something to do with sticky toffee as the box contained chopped dates and fudge, and one of the fresh ingredients was cream.

The lovely people at BakedIn wanted the dispatch code so that they could check and make sure that it didn’t happen again.

So, disaster averted, and dough made, in the fridge to chill for half an hour, then weighed out into 18 evenly sized balls ready for baking.  The toffee sauce was rather yummy so I had to restrain myself from just spooning it straight into my mouth so it could be drizzled over the cookies.  They were supposed to have crushed walnuts sprinkled on top but as I don’t like them, I didn’t bother. 

Without waiting for the toffee sauce to set, C and I did a quality control test.  The cookies were lovely and soft, and the toffee sauce was still runny, but altogether very nice indeed. Later in the afternoon C wanted to start prepping our evening meal so decided to put the cookies in the fridge to help the sauce set.

We had a virtual #bellringing session in the evening, so it was nice to test another cookie after that when they had been in the fridge for a few hours.  Very nice indeed.  Not sure the rest will last very long.

Another great bake from BakedIn and can’t fault their customer service as they are very responsive to any issues.  They messaged me again to thank me for sending the dispatch code and said to let them know if there were any other issues.


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