Virtual Quarter Peals

C and I were invited to ring in a virtual quarter peal with some friends to welcome a new grandchild for one of the ringers that we ring with every other week.  The method of choice was Durham Surprise Minor.

I have never rung this method on tower bells and have only learned it as a result of virtual #bellringing sessions and working our way through the standard surprise minor methods.  I did do my usual trick of volunteering for the treble to start with, but then thought that I had learned the method and should really try ringing it on an inside bell.  I opted for my next favourite starting position of the second.

I was rather pleased with my performance, as I knew where I was throughout the quarter peal and even knew when other bells should be dodging or elsewhere in the change.  At one point it got a bit hesitant, but I knew that I was dodging at the back and therefore two other bells needed to ring before me.  C was conducting it, and sitting next to me, heard me say that I was at the back (all other mics were on mute).  He was then able to sort the jumble out.  I feel that I acquitted myself well and was rather pleased to have achieved a quarter peal in a new method. This is now the 6th virtual quarter peal I’ve rung.

Being able to use Ringing Room for practicing old and new methods has been an absolute godsend during lockdown and I’ve been really chuffed that I’ve been able to learn methods that I wouldn’t get to ring in a tower usually.  This is generally because we don’t ring 6 very often and when we do, the people we ring with don’t tend to know many minor methods.  However, with a core of us now ringing these regularly in Ringing Room, maybe we can translate that into the tower when the time comes to returning to ringing properly.

For now, we have to be content with ringing a couple of real bells in our tower on a Sunday morning and ringing all sorts of interesting things in the virtual world.


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