Planning Ahead

Spent today planning lots of things that aren’t happening yet.

Been asked to make a wedding cake for July and because of the rest it’s all been a bit of a rush and things still aren’t really confirmed, as it all depends on how restrictions are lifted, they have no idea what kind of cake they want.  I need to get some idea soon.  Fruit or sponge?  How many for?  Buttercream or fondant?  How many tiers?  What colour scheme?  What sort of decorations?  Any many more questions spring to mind. The trouble is, they can’t really answer them yet as so much still hangs in the balance.  But I need to get my thinking head on and design it, order whatever I need to order, maybe practice some elements of it, and give myself plenty of time not to panic over it.

After that, I started thinking about a meeting that I had later that evening.  Who was due to attend?  What do we need to think about?  There are several things that are coming up in the #bellringing world that will require some PR work, and it would be good to have a team working on it, rather than just one person.  It helps spread the coverage wider, and also helps different parts of the country and world chip in on how it affects (or not in some cases) them.

I’ve written several lists of things that we need to and could ring for, but it all depends on what restrictions are still in place at the time.  Some have a much longer lead in time, and others are in the next few months, but need to have a co-ordinated plan. 

Then, kicking off next week is the elongated Essex Ringing Course. I have arranged 2 talks and a Bellringers Question Time and opened them out to anyone to register to attend, not just Essex ringers.  I need to contact the speakers again and check everything is ok.  I need to make sure that everything is set up and ready.  I am also helping in one of the groups and the practices are spread out over the coming 2 weeks, so I’ve got to get my brain in gear for ringing lots of Stedman and possibly some Cloisters. 

Then at some point in the next day or so I need to make my breakfasts and lunches for work.  Albeit only a 3 day working week, as Monday is Bank Holiday and being an office role at the hospital, I don’t need to work Bank Holidays, and of course, I don’t work Fridays as I cram it all in to a 4 day week normally.

And I need to get some housework done. Ah well, that can wait.


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