Done nothing all day, so why do I feel so tired?

I have literally done nothing today.  I feel so lazy.

Its Bank Holiday, so I’m not at work.  We had a bit of a lay in, I didn’t get up until 8am.  After showering and getting dressed, I plonked myself down on the sofa and played a game on my tablet.  C was helping on a Stedman #bellringing theory session, using my Zoom account I might add, but I wasn’t needed for that.  I took half an hour to make my breakfasts and lunches for the rest of the working week ahead. Then sat down again and played some more game.

After he’d finished his theory session, we decided to go into town to get some lunch. The sun was shining but it was very chilly.  We walked up to the High Street and back which took us about 20 minutes.  I ate my sandwich, then sat on the sofa playing more of my game again. He then went to do some work in the study, and I had a sneaky 10 minute nap, before C made our afternoon cup of tea.  He had his whilst working in the study, I had mine whilst playing games on my tablet.

C went down to make dinner.  I sat on the sofa watching TV now that its early evening, but essentially doing nothing.  And I feel exhausted.  I napped before bedtime, went straight to sleep until the alarm the next day.

According to  there are multiple reasons why that might be:

  1. Consuming too many refined carbs.  Whilst giving a quick boost of energy, these baddies tend to rise and fall quickly, quick energy boost, followed by another slump;
  2. Being sedentary.  Inactivity is as bad as too active.  Exercise can reduce fatigue so walking, gentle exercise is better than none;
  3. Not getting enough of the right sort of sleep.  I’m not sure this one is me.  I sleep for Britain.  After a good quality night’s sleep your supposed to wake up feeling energised and ready to go.  Can’t say that’s ever happened to me though;
  4. Food sensitivities.  If you have intolerances like rashes or digestive problems it might be a sign that something you’ve eaten doesn’t agree with you.
  5. Not eating enough calories.  I definitely don’t think this one applies to me.  They might not be the right sort of calories, but I definitely get my quota in;
  6. Sleeping at the wrong time.  Now, I can sleep whenever, wherever.  If I’m not doing anything I fall asleep, if I’m bored I fall asleep.  Maybe I sleep too much!
  7. Not enough protein. Protein boosts your metabolic rate and can aid weight loss and prevent tiredness;
  8. Not drinking enough water.  I drink about 1.5 litres per day easily.  That’s in addition to coffee or anything else.
  9. Relying on energy drinks.  This is not me.  Don’t like them, they taste too sweet.
  10. High stress levels.  I don’t think I’m particularly stressed.  Sometimes more than others, sure, but generally I’m quite good at dealing with it.  Mostly I sleep it off, if I’m asleep it can’t worry me!

I’m exhausted just thinkng about it!


One thought on “Done nothing all day, so why do I feel so tired?

  1. It makes a change for you to have a day of not doing a lot, so maybe you needed it. Back to full steam ahead today, I’m sure


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