Virtual Henry Johnson Dinner with the St Martin’s Guild

As I’d given a talk to the St Martin’s Guild in September last year, I was kindly invited to attend the virtual 133rd Henry Johnson Dinner.

The invitation included a suggested menu that we may have been eating had the dinner has taken place for real. This was optional to follow but added an element of authenticity to proceedings. Personally, I went with whatever C dished up.

The evening started with a musical performance by one of the ringers and his fiancée. This was followed by a talk on the history of Henry Johnson and the establishment of the Dinner, followed by a toast.

After that was a video of ringing in Ringing Room of call changes on 16 bells, call changes on 6 bells and handbells by The Brumdingers, the young ringers group. This included photos of the young people playing jenga using Caramel wafer chocolate bars. There was another speech and then a photo montage of previous dinners.

What a fantastic event with 69 participants logged in but many were couples or family groups, so possibly 90+ attendees. Its the first virtual dinner that I’ve been to. All the appropriate proceedings were observed. Congratulations to the Guild and thank you for the invitation.


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