That was the week (or 2) that was

The end of my 2 weeks annual leave has arrived.  Monday morning sees the return to the office.  Have I had a good holiday?  Do I feel relaxed and rejuvenated?

Yes, I’ve had a good couple of weeks off, considering.  I don’t particularly feel relaxed or rejuvenated thought.  But I suspect that’s to do with the fact that we’re in lockdown and we can’t go anywhere or do anything or see anyone.

If we have been able to do things, I might have felt more energised.  As it was, I spent most of the week not venturing far from home.

The first week I took the opportunity to undertake an online Mindfulness course.  This was quite interesting and useful, but not something that I’ve suddenly found enlightenment from.  It did give me some focus for a few days.

I had 7 virtual #bellringing sessions during the fortnight, some which I ran. I watched a funeral online. I attended 4 meetings and 1 virtual dinner.  In between, I did some reading, played some games on my tablet and celebrated my 50th birthday, lockdown stylee.

I did spend some time, quite purposefully, doing not a lot.  C still did all the housework and cooking. 

This sort of gave me an insight to what life might be like at a time when I could give up paid work completely.  However, if that was the case, things would happen very differently.  I would see a fair distribution of household labour.  I would also probably do some form of exercise, whether down the gym or online stuff at home, or more walking at least.  I would definitely do more baking and cooking.  I do miss that a little bit.

I’ve had a good couple of weeks off and enjoyed not having to get up early and go to an office and get grief all day. I’m sure that feeling will be short lived when I open the office door.


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