Wot no crisps?

For some reason over the last few days, I’ve really fancied a packet of crisps (and not for any reason that some people might jump to conclusions about).  We don’t usually have them in the house and don’t eat them very often, but I really fancied the texture and crunch of some.  Not necessarily the flavour even.

Today I decided to give in to that call and popped to the local supermarket happy in the knowledge that they carry a decent range, and I was sure to find what I fancied.  C asked me to get a couple of other bits whilst I was there, most importantly the bacon required for tomorrow morning’s bacon sandwich.

Off I went, on a bright sunny afternoon, podcast blabbering away in my ears, feeling good about the day and the impending munching on some salt and vinegar Walkers crisps.

The local supermarket is only a few minutes’ walk away so it didn’t’ take long.  The crisps are positioned just inside the entrance on the left-hand side of the store.  There were probably about 30 different varieties.  But….. would you believe it, not a single salt and vinegar flavour in sight.

I’m not just talking about Walkers, ANY brand.  There were simply no salt and vinegar crisps of any make.  Plenty of cheese and onion, plenty of spice Thai curry, plenty of prawn cocktail.  But NO salt and vinegar.  Disaster.

I then spent the next 5 minutes staring at the wall of crisps trying to decide what, if anything to have now.  When you have something in your head and you’ve primed your taste buds, nothing else will really do, will it?  I ended up selecting a bag of ready salted Hula Hoops.  Mildly miffed and not really wanting those but figuring that I’d fundamentally come out to get a bag of crisps I wasn’t going home without one.

Fortunately, they had the bacon.  All will be well in the morning.


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