Frosty mornings

There’s a definite chill in the air now as we end the first week of December.

We went for a walk along the Riverside this morning but there was a need for layers, hats, scarf and gloves.

Our 3 mile walk took us along the river Ouse along the edge of Kings Lynn port. Unfortunately we couldn’t see much as it was very foggy. We could barely make out some of the fishing boats sitting ready for the next high tide. We could hear the seagulls wheeling about, hoping for a sneaky meal. The fog was making our wooly hats damp, then the chill was making it turn frosty.

Our drive back home from our weekend away was mostly in fog. It wasn’t until we were near home that the fog had lifted. I think the highest outside temperature the car registered was 3 degrees Celsius.

We are definitely into winter. Time to pull the big chunky jumpers out of the cupboard.


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