Bonus day off

After our weekend away I’d booked an additional day off in order to catch up with all those things that weren’t done over the weekend.

The day started with a lie in. C had turned the alarm clock off, so it was lovely just to wake up naturally and get up when I was ready to, not because I had to.

I had decided that I would go into town to finish buying the incidentals for Christmas presents. There were a few bits still to get and I needed to do it on my own, without C.

The city centre was heaving, almost as busy as a Saturday. There were people everywhere. Some shops had a queuing system, only allowing a certain number of people in. To be honest, it didn’t take long to get to the front of any of the queues and into the shops. It was all quite civilised. I managed to get everything I’d gone in for, and a few extra bits besides.

When I got home, I wrapped everything up. Everything that needs to be posted is now ready to go. I think I’m officially done with the Christmas shopping. And there’s still 3 weeks to go.

I prepped my lunches for work for the next few days. Then tackled the ironing. I watched some cheesy Christmas tv whilst doing the ironing. I need to have something to take my mind off doing the ironing but something that doesn’t require much concentration, otherwise I’ll end up burning the shirts! Then, a lovely cup of mint tea with a mince pie to complete the festiveness.

I actually feel more christmassy than I usually do and considering we’re not going to be able to spend time with the whole family. Who’d have thought.


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