A weekend away

Due to Covid, like most other people we haven’t had a holiday, or even a night away from home.

When we came out of the first lockdown we booked a weekend away as something to look forward to. Then we went into Tiers and then into a second lockdown. We wondered whether this trip would have to be cancelled.

As we came out of the second lockdown, locally we were put into Tier 2. Fortunately so was the location we had booked into. This has meant that we could indeed still have our weekend away.

We arrived at our hotel and felt very safe with the precautions they’ve put in place. Masks to be worn throughout the hotel unless you’re eating. The Housekeeping staff deep cleaned the room before our arrival. And I used to manage the hospital’s domestic services team so I know what a deep clean should look like. The Housekeeping staff will now not enter our room again until after we’ve left. I’m sure we can cope without the bed being changed/made, or the towels changed for a few days (they’ve left more than plenty in the bathroom anyway).

We booked in to have our evening meals at the hotel too as we weren’t sure what was in the local area and whether it had to be booked in advance, so figured that this was the best solution.

We have booked tickets for a National Trust property and plan to have a good look around our location too, and hit some shops and a Christmas Market in the Corn Exchange.

Can’t express how good it is to get away for a couple of nights and spend some time together, chilling. The weather could be better but it is December after all. We’ve come prepared.


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