Social Presence

I invested in a marketing booklet the other day that is supposed to help you increase your social media reach with the clever use of hashtags.

As Public Relations Officer for both my #bellringing Association and the Central Council of Church Bellringers, this is something that I’m keen to make use of.

The booklet came with an accompanying instructional video with examples being worked through to follow along with. I started to watch it yesterday. Its over an hour long and I was unable to invest that amount of time on it, at that time.

However, there were some great tips for updating your profile bio, so I actually did that on my own accounts and on the Association ones. When I get a chance I’ll go through the rest of the video and the booklet and see what gems of wisdom would be helpful, and put them into practice to see if it works.

I’m still very much a novice in the world of social media and I’m conscious on a personal level, not to let it take over my life. I would like to get better reach but its important to balance social presence with real life presence.


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