Friday Funky Feet

One of my #bellringing friends started “a thing” on Facebook last year, or maybe earlier but I only caught up with it then, about wearing funky socks on Fridays and posting photos of said socks on her timeline.

I don’t think she necessarily thought it was a competition with her friends, just a way of spreading a little fun. However, clearly her friends, including me, decided that this was a new club to join in with, not a competition as to who had the funkiest socks, but just joining in the silliness.

Obviously during the summer the wearing of socks was somewhat reduced and therefore Funky Friday Feet petered out. But I’m pleased to say, now that the weather has turned colder and wetter, the wearing of socks of the silly kind it very much back.

Yesterday, as I was about to put on a pair of socks, I grabbed the next pair in line in my neatly Mari Kondo’d sock drawer. I had almost put the first sock on and suddenly realised that they were the perfect candidate for Funky Friday Feet. I put them back and selected the next, rather boring pair of plain black ones.

So, it is now Friday and I’m pleased to announce my entry into todays silly sock selection. Happy Friday. 😁


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