Looking for recommendations

I’m generally a creature of habit with regard to televisual viewing. When I get home from work we watch reruns of Task Master followed by reruns of NCIS that we’ve seen several times, then reruns of Law & Order SVU. And then I’m usually asleep on the sofa.

I was given a Netflix account last Christmas and I’ve watched a few series and the odd film and generally only watch things on Netflix on a Sunday when I’m doing the ironing. The trouble is, it gives you recommendations based on your previous viewing without consideringthat you might not have actuallyenjoyed that, and you might want to trysomethingelse. I also hate spending time scrolling through options trying to find something to watch. Maybe I have a limited understanding of how it works. I’ve watched some things that a few people have recommended. I also hate it when I’ve finished watching a series and the new series hasn’t been loaded yet. I want to watch the whole thing from start to end.

What I want to watch really depends on what kind of mood I’m in but the preprogrammed recommendations don’t necessarily reflect that. I like comedy, supernatural, drama, history and occasionally anything random.

Does anyone have any other recommendations worth watching that doesn’t require ages scrolling through stuff I’m not sure of? Thank you in advance.


One thought on “Looking for recommendations

  1. We finally got round to catching up with Derry Girls (I believe it’s on Netflix, but it’s definitely also on Channel 4 catch-up) this wet weekend and laughed till we cried.


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