Feeling confused? 

Being confused about things in life is normal but it’s useful to know how to navigate those times in order to make progress. When we don’t know what we want or what choice to make we can spend time spinning around and not coming to any conclusion.  Imaging what it would be like to refuse to be confused.  Podcast fave Tonya Leigh gives us three ways to beat the confusion.

When we’re confused, we start to think that we are going to do something wrong or there’s a better way to do it, or we don’t know the technicalities of it.  These thoughts can lead to anxiety and analysis paralysis. The moment we make a decision though, all our energy can get behind that decision. There are some ways we can deal with confusion:

  1. Do you need more information? – if you’ve never done something before you’ll need to gather information so you’re no longer confused about what to do.
  2. Make a decision – once we make a decision, we no longer waste energy on confusion and put our efforts into moving forward.
  3. Take action – you don’t know what you don’t know because you’re not out there, involved in what it is you want.  Experiment and participate to gain clarity in what you do and don’t want.

Don’t feel back about not knowing what it is you want, many of us as mature adults still don’t. The best way to figure out what to do with your life is to life your life and live it fully.  Try lots of different things and notice what brings you joy and enthuses you.

Sitting at home trying to think your way out of confusion isn’t’ going to work. If you stay in a state of confusion it’s the easy option because you don’t have to do anything, you can hide being your confusion. The moment you make a decision you need to get behind it and put your energy into making it come to fruition. Once you’ve made that decision you are no longer splitting your energy between wanting something to be different but not doing anything about it.

By taking action to try different things you’ll find what you love and don’t love; what you enjoy or don’t.

If you give yourself the opportunity to be messy during the creative process of getting out of confusion, you’ll be willing to try new things and decide for yourself.

What are you confused about?  Look at the three options and take action on one of the three. If you need more information, go out and get it.  Maybe what you need is to just make a decision, so make it and refocus your energy.  Get out there and experiment to gain clarity over your confusion if that’s what you need.

Do you need to learn, decide or live?  Ask yourself that question next time you’re confused.


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