How to upgrade your three E’s

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

At the core of what most people want is to live extraordinary lives, see what’s possible, reach our goals, have more fun, enjoy our lives more, says podcast fave Tonya Leigh.  She also suggested that in order to do that there are three areas of our lives we ought to focus on upgrading:

Education – exposing yourself to new ideas, new possibilities.  You don’t know what you don’t know.  The most successful people in businesses make learning a priority.  If you want to grow your business, your life, your relationships, as a human being, you need to grow your mind. To be an effective coach, or leader, or teacher, we need to constantly learn.  There are many ways to achieve this, its not all about formal education with certifications at the end of a three-year course.  There are books, movies, organisations, podcasts, so many different ways to expose yourself to learning.  This may mean learning new tools and skills, learning new ways of thinking or perspective.  Ask yourself where are you being challenged at this moment? What are you curious about? Curiosity is there for a reason. Follow your curiosity.  Your education is something that no one can ever take away. It is an investment for your future that can change the trajectory of your life.

Environment – looking at how your inner world and outer world compliment each other and when one grows, so does the other. It includes the people you spend time with, the condition of your home, the clothes you wear, the foods you eat, the quality of your water and the air you breathe, the quality of the materials you consume.  All of that impacts on how you think, feel and show up. With tools to help you manage your mindset you can be in challenging environments and still manage how you think and feel.  But if you had the choice to be in an environment where you could grow and bloom, why would you put yourself in an environment where you are constantly struggling. You might need to stop being around certain people, or change your diet, exercise more, start consuming materials that inspire, excite and educate you. Think about your environment and how it impacts you.

Energy – emotional and physical energy. How you feel is a vibration that is emitted from your body and we can sense energy from people. We can tell if people are anxious or uptight, motivated or happy, when we are around them because we can sense their vibration. The physical energy is the energy in your body which allows you to move.  Anything you can do to upgrade these energies is going to have a massive impact on your life.  Like attracts like.  When you show up in a higher state of energy, you will be able to attract things you couldn’t have done in a lower state of energy. When it comes to emotional energy mindset work and meditation can help. How we think impacts how we feel.  Starting the day full of appreciation sets the scene for the day. Paying attention to physical energy and whether you need to get up and move about to help you manage your mind. The more we can create physical energy the easier it is to create emotional energy. Maybe it starts with drinking an extra glass of water a day, or going for a walk, practice gratitude journaling.

You’ll all know by now that I am always wanting to learn.  Not necessarily new stuff, but enhance what I already know.  I would rather read a non-fiction book to a fiction novel.  I want to be able to learn something from what I’ve read that I could put into practice.  Obviously I’m listening to podcasts to help educate me and grow my mind.

I spent last year considering more about what I eat and introducing fruit into my diet, something I would never have bothered about before.  I’m eating an average of three different fruits most days and can feel the benefits of not eating so much chocolate, crisps and less healthy stuff, although put an apple and a bag of crisps in front of me and I’m sure I’d take the crisps first!  I am upgrading my wardrobe, trying to add some style and femininity into it and in turn making myself feel better through the clothes I wear.  I’m thinking more about what makes me feel good rather than opting for the grungy stuff all the time. My home is still a work in progress because I’m not the only one that has control over it.  There are pockets that I’ve improved, buy fresh flowers every two weeks and keep “my” surfaces as clutter free as I can. 

I have a much better handle of my emotional energy.  I have become more resilient over the last couple of years and shifted my mindset from trying to please everyone else, to taking ownership and control over my own thoughts, feelings and responses.  I’m less great at the physical side of things as I’m still fundamentally lazy.  I do go for walks most days, but other than that and #bellringing, I don’t do any other form of exercise.

How do you upgrade your three E’s?


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