Mind Cards – a daily dose of mindfulness

I received a belated Christmas present at the weekend; the order had been delayed and therefore hadn’t arrived when I last met up with the giver. 

The gift was a box of Mind Cards. These cards are designed to help you become more mindful of your thoughts and feelings, giving you the tools needed to focus on the present at and spread positivity and self-care throughout your life.

By introducing positive habits into your everyday routine, the Mind Cards will help you create the happiest and healthiest life for you.

They are a set of 45 cards split into five categories: ritual; journal; kindness; gratitude and reflections, offering a different task for the day to set you on track to a more fulfilling and present way of life.

The instructions were to shuffle the deck, combining the five categories.  Each day select a card at random and take the action stated on the card.  When a journal or reflections card is chosen, take the time to acknowledge how the quote or quotations applies to your life in the present moment.  Keep the answers in a notebook or journal to allow yourself to reflect on how your responses change over time.

So, I have shuffled the deck and my first card says to take 10 undistracted minutes to answer the following question in your journal with regard to your life in this present moment: “What is your life motto”?

At the present time my life motto revolves around my desire for self-growth and self-awareness, developing a more elegant and feminine outlook and making financial plans for the next five years to work towards early retirement.  Trying to distil that into one phrase that encapsulates all of it the only phrase I can think of is “Building Better”: building a better me, building a better financial situation, building better opportunities, building a better future.  That’s not to say that I am not good enough, or I don’t have financial security or opportunities, but that I have space to grow in all those areas. 

I am working my way through self-growth and awareness, as you already know.  I have enough financial security to retire now if I wanted to, but there’s no harm in putting some more aside now whilst I can, to ensure that in five years’ time, I can retire more comfortably, considering I am still a long time off being able to collect state pensions, and even some of the work-based pensions.  It might be prudent to consolidate some of the pension pots I have and make additional voluntary contributions whilst I have some spare funds at the of each month. But I don’t want to tie my finances up so tightly that I can enjoy spending now. I want to enjoy holidays, the luxury of having my own car, the opportunities to attend events that I want to and buy the things I think will support my elegance and femininity development. 

What would your lift motto be and why?


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