Growing older disgracefully

Image by Thangphan from Pixabay

I was reading an article in Platinum magazine about what various ladies thought about cosmetic procedures or “tweakments” to give your body or face a refresh.  It quoted the story of former ‘90’s supermodel Linda Evangelista, who was in a legal battle following a botched treatment that she claims has cost her her livelihood as well as leaving her with depression and self-loathing.  All in the name of beauty.

One expert claimed that the largest group getting fillers are mid-lifers; aged between 35-55 in order to iron out the odd wrinkle or a bit of skin smoothing. Many celebrities certainly feel the pressure to stay looking younger and end up with botox and hair extensions.  Society seems to be putting that pressure on women more so than men.  But who is “society”?  Surely women in those older age groups are “society”, so are they perpetuating a self-fulfilling prophecy? If they all took a stand and said no, surely there wouldn’t be this desperate need to stay looking young, because “society” would accept them for who they are.

Of course, the vast majority of us can’t afford all this time, effort and work required.  Look at Madonna. She’s over 60 and has a punishing fitness regime, goodness only knows how much work she’s had done and still uses filters on her social media.  Luckily people like Andy McDowell and Dame Helen Mirren openly embrace their older face and hair and are now being more recognised in ad campaigns. 

I used to dye my hair.  I started going grey in my mid-thirties.  I’d either keep it close to my natural colour or go with a slight burgundy tint.  I never paid out for salon colouring but got a home kit, which worked just as well.  The only problem is my hair grows really quickly and I’d have to redo it every 4-6 weeks.  I didn’t always have the time to keep colouring it, so it could go months between sessions, and I’d end up with a massive greying streak down the middle.  Eventually I decided to give up.  I’d let my hair grow down to almost the middle of my back, then one day went to the hairdressers and had it all chopped short, taking all the bottled colour with it.  From that moment I have embraced they grey.  People pay good money to have grey colouring these days!

I have no inclination to consider fillers, lifts and tucks, although I do wish my 24 year old “mum tum” could disappear, I don’t think I’d resort to surgery.

I live in apart of the UK known for its over baked fake tans, false nails, hair extensions, veneered teeth and dodgy drawn on eyebrows.  Why on earth do people feel like they can’t be natural, look natural, feel natural?  It’s a heck of a lot cheaper.  I get wound up by people who say they can’t afford things yet, they have perfectly manicured nails and brows and more spray on than a contestant on Strictly.  Why do they feel they all have to look the same? What happened to individuality?

Ageing is a natural part of life.  The more we perpetuate unacceptance of it, the more we are lining the pockets of those who take advantage of the vulnerable.  People wouldn’t feel so vulnerable if we didn’t make such a big deal over it.

I intent to grow old disgracefully. Now’t fake about me.


One thought on “Growing older disgracefully

  1. Absolutely. And considering we’re going to live longer these days, there will be more older people around. So get used to it, and as you say, embrace it. 👍 Nowt wrong with looking after yourself but it’s like plastering over the cracks. The cracks are still there, so it maybe better to address the foundations and make them stronger 🤔


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