Are you disciplined?

According to Jim Rohn for every disciplined effort there are multiple rewards. You reap what you sow and all that. His concept is if you’re fair and honest and patient with others your reward will be multiplied. If you give more than you recieve your reward will be more than you expect.

Rohn said everything what we value requires care, attention and discipline. Our thoughts require discipline. We must be constant with our inner boundaries and codes of conduct to avoid confusion. If we have confused thoughts the results will be confusing.

Rohn urges us to learn the disciplines of writing a card, or a letter to a friend, paying bills on time, showing up on time, paying attention, having regular meetings with colleagues, partners, children, parents, learn to learn, teach all you can teach and read all you can read.

With each discipline comes reward. With each new book comes new knowledge, each success new ambition, each challenge new understanding. Even bad experiences can provide a unique contribution. If we neflect the care and attention of discipline the things we value can be taken for granted.

I have stated to map out plans for something in my life I know needs more care and attention but I need to follow through with the discipline of making things happen. So far few opportunities have arisen to make any definitive in roads but I’m going to let things settle back to some sense of normality after the Christmas period then start to plan events and actions. I have promised myself to make at least one outwardly visible action oer month. I just need to be disciplined with it.

What areas in your life need discipline right now?


One thought on “Are you disciplined?

  1. Health, diet and activity levels need looking at. Plans are afoot. Signed up for a 30 day online yoga class and back to SW today with a new book. I am quite disciplined with walking every day, just need to maintain the excitement of it rather than letting it become a chore. Good luck with your plans 🤞


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