What do you need for hope to flourish?

There is hope but if you’re struggling to feel energised about the year ahead, what blocking your natural optimism and how can you make hope spring eternal?

According to Psychologies Magazine ten question quiz, my need to boost my optimism comes from the need for inspiration.

Its not surprising that you find it hard to feel hopeful about the year ahead if all it  seems to hold is more of the same. Knowing in your heart of hearts that you’ve been coasting, or that your routine is well overdue a shake up, doesn’t always mean you’ll be any clearer about what changes to make.

You might put it down to a lack of motivation, but the reasons we stay in stuck mode are usually far more complex. For some, its about unravelling others’ expectations for ourselves from our own passions, or getting a perspective on a drive to do the ‘right thing’ and always be responsible.  And sometimes the most productive thing to do is to do nothing. Give yourself permission to be in information- gathering mode, with no immediate pressure to come up with the answers; its amazing what we notice when we quiet a busy, planning mind and really pay attention to what’s going on around us.

There’s much to be learned by simply noticing what piques your interest, or what triggers moments of feeling energised. You might find yourself saying yes to things you normally say no to, or feeling drawn to new experiences  – even small shifts can help you feel more inspired about the future.

As I’ve spent 2021 on a journey of self discovery, I’m still experiencing new feelings, motivations and desires. I have a better idea of the person I want to be and I have more confidence in making that happen. I’m doing more of what makes me happy and feel good.

I feel optimistic about the year ahead and my plans to move forward will come to fruition of I stick to my guns. I’m still information gathering as I experience new opportunities and look forward to where that may take me.

Happy new year, happy new me.


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