Baking bonanza

Having spent a lovely weekend visiting step-daughter #1 and her family I needed a day to catch up on domestics.

E and I had VIP tickets for Cake International at the NEC and spent a lovely day wandering around, making the odd purchase, visiting the craft and Christmas shows in the next door arena, and making the most of the refreshments and sit down opportunities our VIP tickets allowed.

There were a lot fewer stands this year, understandable in the circumstances. There were a few big names noticeably absent too. Squires Kitchen and Purple Cupcakes to name a couple.

In previous years we’ve also taken part in the Renshaw modelling sessions and have have drunken snowmen, rabbits and reindeer toppers as evidence. We didn’t do that this time.

There were a lot fewer punters there too, which was no bad thing. Our Covid jab status was checked on the way in. Maybe that kept a number of people away if they hadn’t had their second jab yet.

So having taken Monday off from work to catch up with domestic stuff, I needed to get breakfasts and lunches ready for the rest of the week ahead. I’d seen recipes for roasted parsnip, garlic & haricot bean soup, which I thought would go well with a pumpkin, cheese and rosemary scone.

For the love of man there was no pumpkin puree to be found in any of the major supermarkets. I went to all of them to check. So I substituted it with butternut squash that we had in the freezer instead.

C was making bread rolls so we had competing needs for the oven but roasting the butternut coincided with baking his rolls so all worked out OK.

Whilst the soup ingredients were in the soup maker, I made my biscoff pancakes for breakfasts. They turned out probably the best looking I’ve ever made them. Nice and golden colour. I guess I wasn’t rushing unlike usual.

Then all the ingredients for the scones got mixed and kneaded. I forgot to take my rings off so they all got a bit gunned up with mixture. They smelled lovely whilst they were baking so I’m looking forward to tasting them.

The soup looks a bit insipid (I suppose it would do really) but I’m sure it’ll taste fine.

After lunch I got on with one of my least favourite domestic chores, the ironing. Still, got it done and out of the way.

Ready for a three day working week.


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