Listen to you heart

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

How will you play big in the coming year?  Sometimes we have no idea, our head can be filled with so many should versus our desires.  What do you really want?  It can feel small in comparison to everyone else.  That doesn’t mean you’re afraid of putting big desires out there.

Podcast fave, Tonya Leigh, tells us that it needn’t be one big goal but a collection of smaller things you want to create and experience.  The biggest act of bravery is to love what you love and want what you want.

TL says that we spend a lot of our formative years listening to other people’s opinions of what we should do in life.  No one gets to decide your version of big, except you.

Of course, that won’t stop others having an opinion on that; some may think you’re thinking too big whilst others may think you’re thinking too small.  Don’t allow them to project their beliefs and limitations on to you.  Let them think what they want.  Decide what feels true for you.  It could be a solo round the world trip, or growing flowers in your garden. Your version of big will stretch, challenge and delight you.

TL implores not to chase big things but to follow your big soul.  No two souls are alike. What does your soul call you to think, create and fell?  It will guide you if you listen.

Want what you want unapologetically.  If you want to earn £1million or you want to sell everything and live in a tent, so long as you like your reason for doing it, that is your big.  You don’t have to justify it or explain it to anyone else, so long as it’s true for you.

Your definition of your big will evolve as you do.  Put the effort into learning and educating yourself for what your big is at this moment.

So, what’s your big?


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