Setting a good example

We often hear of people in the public eye being either applauded or lambasted as being a good or a poor role model. As parents we try to be a good role model to our children. As leaders we aim to set good examples to our staff and colleagues. We were probably influenced by our parents, teachers, friends and to some extent people in the public eye.

Its not just about having good manners, saying your please and thank yous or waiting for a green light at a zebra crossing. There are plenty of ways we can be a shining example.

Health & Wellbeing magazine said we learn from others when we observe how people deal with tricky situations, or how they pick themselves up after a setback. How we respond to figures that others look up to by being mindful of potential influences makes a difference to how their values might be embraced.

Positive role models don’t just talk the talk. They balance their values and beliefs, what they say and what they do. Going through lifes challenges with a level head, optimism and empathy rubs off on others.

There are some simple behaviours that can be incorporated into daily life that bring out best versions of you:

  1. Admit mistakes – talk through things if they aren’t going right. The solution may be staring you in the face. Let others in and let others see you reaching out.
  2. Be vulnerable – be honest with yourself and others. Let others see that vulnerability can be a strength in your relationships, solve problems and cultivate compassion.
  3. Have a problem solving attitude – role model candid conversations about tough subjects. Show people in your life that with some brainstorming anything can be resolved.
  4. Show respect and kindness – its important for everyone to see examples of kindness and respect to others. We learn kindness by seeing it in others.

We may like to think of ourselves as good role models but can we honestly say we are all the time? I know I don’t always show my best. I give what I get and sometimes find it hard to be the grown up.


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