A busy day not at the office

Well, not that one anyway.  I obviously seemed in a productive mood on Friday, even from the moment I woke up.

We had a virtual #bellringing session at 10.30am but even before that I’d made a start on drafting a report that I wanted to get written.  I had the results of a competition I’m running to share and that involved writing articles, emails and purchasing online prizes.  I’d done most of that before #bellringing.

Ringing finished at 12 noon and after a brief chit chat, I went to the kitchen and cracked open the latest green box from BakedIn which had arrived that morning.  C had already bought the fresh ingredients needed, so I had everything ready to start baking.  I peeled and chopped a large cooking apple, made the cake batter, combined them.  The cake was baking whilst I made the toffee sauce and the buttercream.  For some reason I really can’t make toffee sauce.  My sugar water never goes a lovely amber colour before the sugar starts to crystalise, so I end up catching it early, adding the butter and cream and the darkest I get is a pale beige.  Tasted ok though.  Cake made and, in the fridge, ready for the weekend.

Back to the in box.  I have several.  Three different #bellrigning accounts plus my personal account.  I blitzed through a pile of emails that were either for information or needed a quick response from me.  Then set about dealing with the more complicated ones.  Some required further enquiry.  Some required me to write another article and send that off.  I currently have two articles awaiting publication in the Ringing World from different roles. 

Speaking of being published, I was quoted in last week’s Sunday Express.  The article was about getting more young ringers. I spoke with the interviewer at some length about the Ringing World National Youth Contest and the Young Change Ringers Association, neither of which were mentioned.  I also pointed her to our website where she could download decent photos of bells and ringing but instead, they chose a photo of a European style bell.  Well, at least we were in the national press again.

I needed to arrange several meetings, so Doodlepolls duly issued. Action Logs updated and circulated. I even remembered to ask for some details to be updated on a website and was given access to be able to do it myself.  Oh, the power!  It made much more sense to be able to update minor things like that myself than have to keep asking the webmasters to do it for me.

I managed to cross so many things off my To Do List I need to start another page and write out what’s left.  Several of the things I’d accomplished will result in further work but for now they are with someone else to deal with and I’ll pick it back up later.  I even dared to chase the Church of England about something too!

I really had no concept of time.  The day flew by.  So much achieved.  A good day at the office I feel. At least I can now relax for the evening not worrying about the long list of things I still need to do.  I only have a short list now!


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