Finding your signature scent

When I was younger I had a real problem with perfumed things. Sprays, some deodorants, bubblebath, shower gel, definitely perfumes and even just strong smelling things like oranges, freshly cut grass would set my nose off and if I came into skin contact, would more often than not bring me out in a horrendous rash.

As I’ve grown older I’ve been able to manage deodorants well enough and can now pretty much take my pick. I still tend to use the same shower gel for the last 30 odd years. I dont use anything in the bath on the extremely rare opportunities for a soak in the tub.

I have tried a few perfumes over the years. Its been hard to find something that I like the smell of but that’s not going to irritate.

I tend to stick with what I would describe as “clean” fragrances, rather than the heavy musk or floral scents.

I have only recently got back into spritzing on a bit of perfume. C had bought me some in the past and its sat on the dressing table gathering dust. I have three sorts, all variations from the same brand. Some are still in their cellophane wrapping.

According to perfume designer Narciso Rodriguez, musk is supposed to have a depth that is very personal and intimate. “It becomes at one with the woman who wears it“. I remember trying Obsession by Calvin Klein back in the day but didn’t really rate it.

I think perfume is a very personal thing and would never buy anyone perfume unless they had specifically requested it. Every Christmas we buy R a bottle of her favourite Black Opium by Yves Saint Lauren. The one year we didn’t we were truly chastised.

I think how you wear perfume is important too. I just give a little spritz around my decolletage. I don’t bother with all the pulse points. But there is a right and a wrong way according to

  1. Do apply directly to the skin. The oil loving properties of the skin provide an excellent canvas and the warmth of the skin can enhance the scent.
  2. Don’t apply it to hair. The alcohol based formula can damage hair.
  3. Do apply to pulse points; insides of the elbows, back of the knees, chest, and the sides of the neck as these areas allow the perfume to “be enjoyed”.
  4. Don’t rub into the skin. Rubbing it in will make the top notes fade and evaporate.
  5. Do walk through a scent cloud if you want to fully immerse yourself but make sure its a non toxic perfume. And try not to inhale it, its toxic after all.
  6. Do layer complimentary scents. But avoid the big heavy scents that will overload and become unpleasant.
  7. Do apply to clothes. This can help revitalise musty smelling coats in the winter. If you can wash it, you can spritz it.

Perfume can be very expensive but an easy way and cheaper is to use a simple spritz spray like the Body Shop’s vanilla body mist. Same net effect but for ten quid a bottle rather than over a hundred quid a bottle.

What’s your signature scent?


One thought on “Finding your signature scent

  1. Don’t have one. Like you, I’ve tried loads of the years. Just clean, linen type scents of deodorant and body lotions for me


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