The Nordic way to happiness

Image by Patrik Linden from Pixabay

According to Women & Home magazine Scandinavian women are amongst the healthiest and happiest in the world due to their outdoor lifestyle, diet and PMA (positive mental attitude).

These super women seem to be better at having a positive winter mindset by enjoying cold weather activities and celebrating koselig (a sense of cosiness). Their mantra being “there is no such thing as bad weather only bad clothes”.

The Swedish ladies apply life with fika, taking time out to prioritise over relaxing coffee and cake with others.

It seems that hot and spicy boudoir activity keeps stress levels low and boosts immunity and the Nordic key to this is to keep honest and open communication with your partner about your needs in a supportive and affectionate way, and often. 

Detoxifying saunas keep the Finish ladies de stressed and bonded. They tend to go starkers into a temperature of 80 degrees followed by a cold water cool off.  They also opt for whipping themselves with birch leaves in a ritual called vihta, supposedly cleaning the skin and improving circulation. 

They have a strong tradition of sports and active hobbies just for fun so they don’t see going to the gym as a chore.  Their go to activities include cycling, Nordic walking and wild swimming.

It seems the Scandinavians have figured out the art of a good night’s sleep by using separate duvets.  This puts an end to the cover stealing or different temperature controls needed.  Apparently us Brits would rather sleep in separate beds.

The Swedes love an ice dip, kallbad, or ice-bathing enjoyed during autumn and winter. It decreases tension, boosts energy and improves memory.

They eat healthily, lagom “in balance and moderation”, fresh seafood, lean wild meat, grains, seasonal vegetables, berries and superfoods.

Whilst I would be happy to embrace some of the Scandinavian way of life – I’d be happy with koselig and could combine that with some fika.  I’d be happy to boost my immunity and reduce stress levels with boudoir activity (oo er), I’d love to take a sauna, but you can keep the cold dip afterwards, and the vihta.  I think the idea of separate duvet covers is genius. As a women “of a certain age” I’m sure my overall temperature is on the rise and we often battle over whether the duvet should be on or off or somewhere in between.  I’d much prefer that to separate beds for sure.  I certainly won’t be trying out kallbad, a water phobia puts pay to that. And with some moderation I would happily indulge in logom

How will you embrace a Nordic lifestyle?


One thought on “The Nordic way to happiness

  1. I like Hugge. It sums up the idea of cosiness with thick fluffy socks and candle light etc. I quite like the idea of separate duvets, but you have to do what you have to do to get a good nights sleep, ha


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