Harnessing intuition

An article in October’s Red magazine suggested that over the last year self-doubt has increasingly crept up on us. In the face of constant facts and news we had become conditioned to thinking too much, to the point that we were at risk of losing our intuition; the gut feeling we relied on subconsciously.

Gut feeling is linked to our flight or fight instinct. We might have a gut feeling that something bad might happen, or that someone is not a nice person, or even that something wonderful is about to happen. It can manifest in physical discomfort too, not just our Spidey Senses tingling. The article urged us to reconnect to our gut instinct, to do a body scan when we sense something is not quite right.

Connecting to our intuition is something that we can learn to be better at. And here’s what the article’s author suggested:

  1. Seek out quiet – get away from noise, tech etc, find a peaceful place to take a few deep breaths to clear your mind. Ask yourself the question that’s been puzzling you and be open to responses how ever they come to you.
  2. Write it down – learn the difference between real intuition and worries. Record your thoughts each time you thought your intuition told you something as well as what actually happened.
  3. Pros and Cons – trying to calculate the pros and cons of a complex decision can be overwhelming. Studies showed people who went with their gut instinct were more satisfied with the end result.
  4. Trust but check – don’t just leap ahead. When you need to consider something life changing you really should assess the facts too. Do research, talk to a trusted friend you know will be honest with you.

In a connected article in the same magazine, Emma Howard wrote the inner critic is likely to be demanding and repetitive, making you feel anxious and even physically ill. Your intuition however kicks in when something feels right and creates calm and peace.

What has been your best result of following your gut intuition?


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