Bellringers bring and share

One of the great things about #bellringing friends is that a lot of them grow their own produce. Several of our friends have large vegetable patches or allotments.

The consequences of this is when there is a glut of produce they can’t possibly get through on their own it gets brought up to the ringing room for everyone to share. In the past we’ve had windfall apples, beans, tomatoes, honey and all sorts.

Last week when we returned to practice nights one of our regular supporters brought a large bag of cherry tomatoes. Personally I don’t like them but C does so he brought some home.

This week we were offered runner beans and yellow courgette. Those I do like.

They were brought up on Sunday morning and someone else nearly walked off with them. Their providers managed to retrieve them and we took them home.

I am a bit fussy about runner beans as I don’t like them when they go stringy, so the trick is to eat the fresh and quickly. C decided to add some to our Sunday lunch. They were delish. One of our mid week meals needs courgette so that will go nicely.

I wonder what we might be offered next week? We could seriously set up our own market stall with all this produce. I could make cakes too.

What could we call our stall? Bellringers Bounty?


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