Be careful, you never know who might be listening

Every now and then, after I’ve had a conversation with someone about something fairly innocuous my social media feeds start posting things related to that conversation.

The other day I mentioned to C that I’ll need to get a new work handbag soon as mine is stating to get a bit tatty and the leather handle has started to split. The next day I started to see adverts for handbags in my feeds.

A while back when R was home we were having conversations about certain film celebrities, I think there was some awards ceremony on the TV. No sooner as we’d mentioned a name but couldn’t remember what film they’d been in, R went to Google them and their name was the first thing in her search feed.

Most of the time its fairly unobtrusive but this weekend my news feeds have been filled with some very entertaining ideas.

C and I have been up to see step daughter number 1 and their new baby. The first time C has got to see his first grandchild, as we had my brother’s wedding event the first weekend after bubba was born.

As you might image most of the conversation has been about the arrival of bubba and associated new mother requirements. We had been talking about breast feeding. Lo and behold my social media feeds have started showing me adverts to do with breast feeding, like pumps, how to feed in public places, how to do it properly and such like. I hate to tell them, that ship sailed 24 years ago.

It does make you wonder though who or what might be listening in to conversations.

I think there is a way to turn off the microphone or whatever it is that picks up what you’re saying, but I’ve not worked out how to do it on my phone.

Sometimes it can be useful as in the case of the new handbag, as its offered some styles and shops I might not have seen before. Sometimes its mildly entertaining or amusing, such as the case of breast feeding. But it is concerning that something or someone is listening in. That’s why we’ll probably never get a smart speaker. They know too much!


One thought on “Be careful, you never know who might be listening

  1. Absolutely. I even think mine knows what I’m thinking about as I’m convinced I’ve not said things out loud! That will set Dad’s conspiracy theory radar up to 10, ha 😉 😀


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