What are you laughing at?

Laughter is the best medicine we’re told. It can reduce stress, improve blood flow and immunity and strengthen relationships. But do we do it often enough? Given all the grownupness we have to do and the many worries that may be invading our thoughts, possibly not.

Some research boffins in California found that kids who suffered severe pain had lesser pain when they watched Zoolander and other funny films. Even just smiling made a difference. Thinking about watching something funny later on in the day has been shown to raise peoples moods.

There’s also the long held belief that whatever facial expressions you have informs your brain as to what mood your in. The suggestion then is to fake it til you make it. Chuckling at something even if you don’t really find it guffawingly funny helps you to feel happier.

According to Dr Robert Provine we laugh 30 times more when in the company of others as its contagious and bonding.

As some who is introverted and has been accused of having a resting bitch face, looks like I’m in trouble! I do get a kick of seeing C laugh so hard at a TV programme that his eyes water. I end up laughing more at him than at what made him laugh in the first place.

I am trying to smile and laugh more often and find humour in things but it’ll take some time and multiple watches of Zoolander to turn this frown upside down.

Help a gal out and hit me with your most chicklesome viewing, listening and reading. TIA x


One thought on “What are you laughing at?

  1. I’ve heard that ‘fake it til you make it’ phrase but also wonder if it actually works. I’m not a great laugher, and also find more joy in others laughter. Mr can cry with laughter and sometimes fall off his chair doubled up but I struggle to be as amused. During the pandemic I have actively searched for more light-hearted entertainment as opposed to dramas on TV and currently enjoy Would I Lie to You, but its becoming more difficult to find episodes we haven’t already seen. I’ll put my thinking cap on and let you know of some more fun stuff 😄🤪


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