Date nights are back on

We are not the least bit interested in sport of any kind. Ok we could probably sit through an hour of tennis and I could watch a bit of athletics (mostly because I used to be quite good at it at school and its over and done with really quickly). So todays never ending barrage of “its coming home” when clearly the England team are about to throw it away, really does not make for entertaining viewing.

We decided therefore to do something we haven’t done for nearly two years and chance our arm by going to the cinema. Not that there was anything burning we wanted to watch but for something to do. We quite like going to the cinema in normal times.

C booked tickets online the day before and had to trog through a million and one questions about whether we wanted to preorder food or drink as you can’t get it on the day. We decided that we’d take our own and bought a box of wine gums earlier in the day. The coffee stand was open so we did get a drink before going to our screen.

When we arrived I had to scan in for Track & Trace at the cinema entrance. It would now think that I am in any one of the eight screens for the rest of the day. I wish there was a scan out option so it could understand when we were no longer there. They asked C if we’d booked online to which he replied affirmatively but they didn’t bother to check for the bar code.

We ordered drinks then made our way to the screen. There were probably only about 20-25 people in the screen so everyone was well spread out. C had mentioned that when he booked our seats the system then blocked out the seats around us as being unavailable which meant no one could get too close.

The usual preamble of adverts (note to self, lots of good things coming up in July) then an on screen recap of the social distancing and mask wearing rules. Apparently it was ok to take masks off whilst sitting down but if anyone needed to go out to the loo or anything, then masks back on.

There were very few people about at all really in what is usually a busy environment but I guess the impending overpaid idiots running around in shorts, falling over and dying should anyone get too close, had something to do with it.

When we came out of the cinema there were definitely more people heading into town to the pubs to no doubt get unnecessarily drunk and be idiots, whether “we” won or lost.

It was very nice to be able to do something sort of normal and have a bit of a date night, or late afternoon anyway. Well done to Odeon for making if feel safe.


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