Can a change of outfit really change your outlook?

I suppose the lovely weather we’ve experienced over the last few days has had me sorting the short sleeves from the woolly jumpers. And having an extra day to chill out and do what you want to has been beneficial.

I’ve been girlying up by wearing some lighter, brighter clothing, cleaning some jewellery I haven’t worn in ages, spritzed on some perfume even though we’re not going anywhere, painted my nails, done some housework and cooked breakfasts for the week ahead. Quite the domestic goddess. I’ve actually felt really chilled and positive about some changes I’ve started to put in place and today it started to manifest.

But to make those feelings and attitudes to stick, I’m going to apply the 21 day rule of sticking with it for that long to see if I can change my habits.

The way you dress can affect the way you feel and therefore can be used to take advantage of and increase confidence. Wearing elegant clothes can even change your behaviour. Adding accessories ups the ante. 

I was told once that I should dress for the job I want not the one I have, but given that I’m sat in an office predominantly on my own, no one notices any way. I was also told that I should buy new underwear for an interview as it makes you feel more alert 😆

Apparently clothes have a cognitive affect with uncomfortable clothing associated with unease and distraction whilst comfortable clothing help us relax. Wearing the right clothes for the right occasion puts us in the right frame of mind.

Can all of this really make a difference or is it all superficial nonsense?

It will be time to be more sociable again soon as we meet more people face to face. Being a natural introvert that fills me with dread but can a change of outfits and mindset make a difference? Time will tell.

Will anyone notice and will they care?


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